Your First NFT Set
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Deploying on Frame

Deploying on Frame

Frame is EVM-compatible, so deploying contracts on Frame is very similar to deploying contracts on other EVM chains. For this example, you'll use Foundry's built-in deployment tool to deploy our NFT contract.


Before deploying, you will need to get the private key of the account you want to deploy from. This account should have enough gas to cover the deployment costs (~0.015 ETH). Do not share this private key with anyone else.

To deploy the contract, you can run the following command

forge create --rpc-url MyFirstFrameNFT --private-key <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY>

You should see this output in your terminal:

[⠒] Compiling...
No files changed, compilation skipped
Transaction hash: TXN_HASH

The DESTINATION_ADDRESS is the address where your contract was deployed to. Congratulations, you've just deployed your first (of many) NFT contract!


The contract you deployed is now on the blockchain, but only the compiled bytecode is visible. Compiled bytecode is nice to have, but it isn't human readable (like Solidity code). Contract verification is the act of publishing your contract's Solidity code and ABI to a block explorer so anyone can read the original code. Users are much more likely to interact with your contracts if the code is visible and verifiable.

First, you will need to get the full flattened source code for your contract. This command will get the flattened source code and save it in a file called flattened.txt. Run it at the root folder of your project.

forge flatten src/MyFirstFrameNFT.sol --output flattened.txt

Next, go to your contract's page on the block explorer (use the DESTINATION_ADDRESS from above). Navigate to the Code tab and click the Verify & Publish button.

You should then select the Via flattened code option on the next page. It will look something like this:

Fill out the following page like below. You will need to take the contents of flattened.txt and paste it into the Enter the Solidity Contract Code section.

Click Verify & publish, and your contract should verify within a couple of seconds.

Minting your NFT

Now the contract is verified, you can use the block explorer to mint the NFTs you just created. Go to the Write Contract tab in the contract's block explorer page, and find the mint box. Fill out the number of NFTs you want to mint, and click the Write button.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait the transaction to complete. You've just minted your first NFTs! If you click into the transaction details page, you can see the tokens that you just minted. It should look something like this:

That's all there is to it. You just successfully wrote, deployed, and minted your first NFTs on Frame.