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What is a faucet?

Faucets distribute small amounts of testnet Ether to enable developers/users to deploy and interact with contracts on testnets. Even though testnets do not use mainnet Ether, testnet Ether is still required to pay for transaction fees.

Sepolia Faucet

The Frame testnet is built on top of Sepolia (opens in a new tab) (transactions will settle to Sepolia). In order to receive Ether on Frame, you will need to get Sepolia Ether and bridge it to Frame testnet.

To get Frame testnet ETH directly, you can use this faucet:

In order to get Sepolia ETH, you can use one of the following resources:

Once you've received your Sepolia Ether, you can bridge it to Frame using our native bridge (opens in a new tab) or SuperBridge (opens in a new tab).