Introducing Frame


Frame is an Ethereum L2 designed to scale NFT adoption across the Ethereum ecosystem. Frame is EVM-equivalent and supports all existing Ethereum tooling, including MetaMask, Foundry, Hardhat and more.

Why Frame?

NFTs are first-class citizens on Frame. Build on Frame and supercharge your smart contracts with safer + scalable NFT operations. Frame’s custom execution client optimizes NFT-centric use cases such as delegation, canonical registry reads + writes, contract account interactions, and more.

As a layer 2, Frame provides cheaper gas fees and faster transaction times while still inheriting many of Ethereum's security guarantees. Your existing EVM smart contracts can be deployed as-is on Frame, no changes are required.

For creators, access an ecosystem where NFTs come first. Royalties are enforced and simplified using Palette Protocol (opens in a new tab), Frame's enshrined protocol for NFT liquidity.

Frame also gives a portion of sequencer fees to the Frame Creator Fund, which we'll reveal more details on later.